How it works

How it works

I specialise in urban gardens of all shapes and sizes. Few plots are too small to be turned into a relaxing retreat or an “extra room” for entertaining friends: what I bring to them is high quality design and a love of plants in all their moods, colours and textures. My aim is to create cool oases of calm amid the energy and hustle of the city.

Every John Gilbert garden is different, individually tailored to your situation and the demands you want to make on it. All work is done to a high standard with vigorous plants and quality materials that will enhance the appearance and value of your property.

I will maximise the space you have available, reconcile sometimes competing demands on it and build in low maintenance from the start.

I am happy to work in a range of styles: modern or traditional; formal or informal; neat and tidy or relaxed and overflowing.

I have a great deal of experience in creating exciting and safe gardens for children.


I use a wide range of hard materials – natural stone, wood, brick, steel, glass etc. – to build modern and traditional designs. Whatever the style, my designs are guaranteed to complement and enhance the appearance of the whole property.

My building standards are, accordingly, very high and I specify only good quality materials.


Having created a structure which works for you and your site I pay special attention to the soil and micro-climate to make sure that the plants I choose will thrive.

I use a wide palette of plants to give colour and interest all year round with a strong emphasis on leaf texture and bold architectural shapes.

I have much hard-won experience of planting in difficult, shady sites and a strong repertoire of plants which will succeed in such conditions.

The result will be a beautiful and individual garden for you to enjoy every month of the year and an enriching environment in which to play, relax and entertain.

My involvement

I will be personally involved in the development of your garden from initial concept to the planting of the last shrub or tree.

Once my design has been agreed with you I will source all materials and contractors, supervise the construction and carry out the planting work myself.

I have a large number of satisfied customers both in the UK and abroad and I am very happy to supply references.


Some clients who are keen to improve their gardens seek advice rather than direct, hands-on input. Here I offer a consultancy service based on an hourly rate.

This can be a one-off visit or a series of visits over months or even years. In addition to complete gardens, I can advise on restoration and on the construction of ponds, water features, patios, arbours, trellises, fences and walls.

What’s next?

Fill in the contact form on this page and I will telephone you. The first step is to arrange an appointment for me to visit your garden.

I will tell you how much my design fee will be and give you a good idea of the likely cost of the whole project.

I will show you a portfolio of gardens I have designed, built and planted over the years and you can decide whether you want me to work with you on yours.


Having created a beautiful garden for you I can provide a skilled management service to ensure that it is properly maintained and that it grows and develops according to plan. Most clients engage me to return on a regular basis – from twice to as many as 10 times a year – in order to make sure that their investment thrives and establishes as quickly as possible.

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