Making the most of a front garden

Making the most of a front garden

There is a paradox associated with front gardens: you tend not to notice your own because you see it every day whereas, for visitors, it’s the first thing that hits them. And, as we know, first impressions are very important!

Large front gardens obviously give more scope for horticultural and design impact. The small garden, however, can still be designed and planted to create a coherent and welcoming space. The secret here is to make sure that every square metre is used to maximum effect and that the functional things have been carefully worked out.

So, space for dustbins, recycling boxes and bicycle stores needs to be carefully calculated, as does access to them. Don’t make life difficult by tucking them away in awkward corners.

In any garden, large or small, such practical objects can be visually unattractive. Consider screening your dustbins with a wooden or brick-built store, perhaps covering its roof with planting. Alternatively use plants to screen the offending object from the front window.

In most cases, and particularly with small front gardens, the best solutions are those that keep it simple, making it possible to keep the area clean, tidy and attractive without too much time and effort.

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